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How to create new code


 How to add new employee


 How to re-join an existing staff

how to joon existing staff


How to enter employee EPF number


How to change payment from bank to cheque for resign staff

Core → Personnel Details
Search the name, click on Employment Status, click on New for employee ID. Make sure the old employee ID keyed in Cessation Date. 

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Where to enter PCB 2(11) or Slip Jawapan receipt no?

a. CorePay -> Setup -> Income Tax Setup -> Tax Employer Setup
b. Click on Monthly Tax Receipt No
c. Click on New
d. Enter 2011
e. Click generate
f. Start key in receipt no and save 


Why non-taxable employee record show in E Form

Employee’s gross taxable above RM30,000 or any monthly gross income reached RM2500 and above will show in E Form.


Cannot log-in to EPE Core, the message is “System has reached maximum number of user”

a. EPE Control, click on “Login Audit”
b. Login to the DSN, key in ID and Password
c. Look for empty “Logout Time”
d. Highlighted the empty logout time, row by row
Click on “Logout” 

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