(4) OMS – Integration

By admin, April 19, 2011 4:02 am

Integration With Point of Sales
Transaction outflow of your outlet will be handled by POS.
OMS has connectors that enable you to integrate with your POS
to capture the sales information and reduce the quantity of your
inventory. OMS provides you as an intermediate tool between
your POS and your backend system such as ERP or Accounting system.
Integration with Backend ERP
Your company might have a complex backend ERP or simple accounting
system that managed your businesses. OMS has pre-build connectors
to your backend for order generation as well as master files such as customers
and inventory master. At HQ, you will be able to control your master files and
synchronize with all your outlets to maintain a single set of codification.
Hence, it gives you structural analysis of your company using standard
naming convention across your outlets.