(3) OMS – Receiving

By admin, April 19, 2011 4:02 am

Enable Receiving Functionality
OMS allows you to control your inventory in and out at your outlets.
When your distribution center deliver the products that you’ve ordered,
OMS gives you a simple receiving screen to capture and revise the
receiving quantity that’s physically¬†reach to your outlet. Once receiving has been
done at the outlet, OMS provides you optional to send notification
back to your distribution center or warehouse to ensure the distribution
cycle has been completed.

Receiving Workflow Notification
You might not be able to follow-up with the orders that you’ve place due
to your busy schedule. OMS will handle it for you by providing you an
email/sms notification for expecting delivery that going to arrive to your outlet.
OMS gives you reminders so that you can follow-up with your distribution
center as simple as launching a simple email/sms to your distribution center
to ensure delivery has been planned on time. When delivery failed to reach to
your outlet, OMS gives you notification to remind you that orders expiration
and necessary actions have to be taken.