(2) OMS – Inventory

By admin, April 19, 2011 4:01 am

Product Reorder Level
You can place your order as simple as performing a simple click to OMS.
When your stock come to reorder point, OMS provides you visibility in term
of your product stock level as well as products that are reaching reorders level.
OMS gives you flexibility to call up the order and revise the order quantity if needed.

Favorites List & Image Ordering
OMS can keep track of your previous order and capable to produces your frequent order
items listing. You can place your order easily by selecting the image with
the item number. In certain extend, this features will reduce wrong products being ordered
usually happen as the outlet operator might not be able to remember
the product number.

Approval Workflow via Mobile or Personal Computer
You can approve your orders at your fingertips. OMS gives you mobility solution
to enable you to approve your orders from your mobile devices or from internet
when you are not in your outlet. By reviewing the orders from your mobile/personal
computer, you can approve/reject the orders before send to your distribution center.
You will enjoy your freedom and yet to able to manage your outlet efficiently.

Decision Making
OMS provides you high visibility of your inventory level at a single outlet or multiple
consolidate outlet in a graphical form. If you are a district manager or head quarter
manager, you can analyze your outlet performance. You will be able to view your
outlets detail inventory level anywhere and anytime you want. KPI can be reviewed
for outlets that optimize their stock level and reduce the cost of inventory at the outlets.
OMS gives you more analysis when comes to outlets that might having additional
services such as ATM machines or additional customer self-service kiosk to enable
you to have more visibility of outlets sales versus the additional services place
in the outlets. Decision making can be easily achieved with your current business
model and inventory optimization effectilvely taken into account by reducing your holding cost.