(1) OMS – Ordering

By admin, April 19, 2011 4:00 am

Cutoff time setup by outlet
Each outlet may have different cutoff time depending on the production planning or
distribution central that able to determine the promise delivery date.
At certain outlet, cutoff time can be setup depending on the operation
or same day delivery can be achieved.

Order Effective Timeframe
In order to facilitates the delivery planning in line with your production/distribution capacity,
OMS allows you to setup effective time frame by outlets. You can configure your outlet
by effective timeframe to control your outlet’s ordering behavior. OMS also allows you to
provide a timeframe with order revisions. Once the effective timeframe has over, the order will
be transferred to your production/distribution center for scheduling and planning.

Projection Daily Sales Amount
With OMS, you can tell the system by providing the projection daily sales amount based
on outlet basis. During peak season, you can plan upfront the projected sales value 
in order for system to perform estimation calculation based on your usage per thousand.
This feature enables you to eliminate inventory insufficient that usually happened for your
outlets during peak season or promotion season.

Usage Per Thousand Calculation/Projection Order Calculation
In some cases, your industry might be using usage per thousand calculation to compute
your order quantity that you are going to place. You can import your usage per thousand spreadsheet
into OMS and maintain the statistic calculate from OMS. Ultimately, OMS will handle the
computation of order quantity from your projection daily sales amount versus the usage per
thousand for that particular product you’re going to order.