Sage EasyPay

By winnie, January 15, 2014 2:20 am


Sage EasyPay is focused on larger companies and multi-national companies. It is designed to empower your workforce to succeed by optimizing HR processes in real-time via employee self-service modules and accommodating to various payroll requirements. Built on a set of best-in-class human resources practices and functionality. It is aligned to increase productivity, accelerate business performance and lower the lost of ownership.

Why Sage EasyPay?

Sage EasyPay is a well trusted and proven business solution used by over 10,000 HR managers and financial department heads across Asia.

It is proven to be reliable and have exceptional Modular development. Sage EasyPay adopts the latest technology and best practices to assist our users to achieve the best results. The flexibility and scalability of the software grants users unlimited set up options, adopting the principles of tailoring rather than customization their own businesses.

User friendly – intelligent Grid, easily exporting features and customers can design their own reports.