Architecture and Technology

By admin, June 13, 2011 7:30 am

Sage ERP X3 Architecture and Technology
Sage ERP X3 is built on the Sage Application Framework for the Enterprise platform (SAFE X3). This SOA/WOA platform provides users with best-in-class collaboration capabilities in either client/ server or Web mode, as well as an integrated business intelligence engine and data warehouse by Business Objects™, a flexible second generation workflow engine. It includes a 4GL development environment for enterprise-specific or vertical applications by VARS. A flexible, highly scalable platform, it easily adapts to your current environment while preserving your ability to grow and meet new challenges over time. 

A Robust Multitier Architecture Design
The Sage ERP X3 architecture is organized in layers so that data management, process execution, and information display are handled independently. 
The Best Performance, from 10 to 1,500 Users
Sage ERP X3 can manage data processing across multiple servers. The system automatically spreads the load across one or more servers as needed to always ensure the best performance, whatever the number of users. 
A Free Choice of Deployment Options
At the heart of the Sage ERP X3 design is an open architecture that provides your company with a free choice of operating systems, databases, network environment, and deployment options. 
A Highly Interoperable Web-Oriented Architecture
The Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) of Sage ERP X3 makes all management functionality available as interoperable services, which can be easily invoked by external applications. 

Ready for Global Business 
Based on the SAFE X3 global application platform, Sage ERP X3 is designed to handle international and/or multicountry operations with ease. 
Powerful System Customization and Management Tools
Sage ERP X3 provides all the tools you need to manage the system effectively from one singular administration console, avoiding complex integration issues. 
Sound Ergonomics
Regardless of the interface selected—the Windows user interface or Web browser version—Sage ERP X3 promotes rapid learning and ensures intuitive navigation for both new and experienced users.