Grow Your Business

By admin, June 13, 2011 7:21 am

Sage ERP X3 – Grow your Business
Who knows what your business will be tomorrow? Because your management system should always support your business strategy, not hinder it, Sage ERP X3 software was designed to provide your business with more control and flexibility, now and for the future. Not only does Sage ERP X3 easily adapt to your business and organization today, it offers tremendous capabilities to adapt to change and support your growth over time, on your own terms.
The management system that grows with your enterprise, at home and internationally
Grow at your own pace
You can deploy all or part of the Sage ERP X3 functions (finance, sales, CRM, manufacturing, purchasing, and inventory management) according to your requirements, one step at a time. All functions are integrated into the system: You simply activate them when you need them, without having to start a new project from scratch. In the same way, you can implement your ERP system in a single location and for a limited number of users first, and then progressively connect new users, either locally or remotely. Sage ERP X3 scales from ten to 1,000 users and benchmarks up to 1,500 concurrent users!
Adapt the system to your changing environment
By choosing Sage ERP X3 software, you ensure that your existing and future business processes will be supported by your management system. Simple parameterization of the system allows you to change or define new information flows and procedures very quickly, without additional development. But should the need arise, the provided development toolset also allows you to create a fully customized routine.

The open architecture of Sage ERP X3 makes it easy to connect new applications to your system when growing. For example, a Sage customer that wanted to expand its business online in addition to its traditional channels simply connected a Web storefront to its ERP system using the Sage Xtend e-Commerce component. The company achieved a total ROI after only nine months and, best of all, took advantage of the seamless integration with its Sage ERP X3 system to keep full control of the inventory, shipping, and invoicing process.
Go international!
Also, if you’re managing a global business today or want to be prepared for international expansion, Sage ERP X3 provides the functionality and flexibility you need to help grow and control your business in multiple countries. Designed for a global economy, the system makes it easy to share common data and processes between different foreign sites or subsidiaries, while respecting their own specific usages and business rules. It supports multiple languages, currencies, companies, sites, and legislations. Users can access the system in their own language wherever they are, sharing the same information and functionality. Country-specific parameters, such as legal and market requirements, are centralized to offer a single, coherent solution worldwide.

With Sage ERP X3, you can run a sophisticated multisite, multicountry business as easily as a single domestic implementation. It is the system of choice for midsize companies willing to manage and develop their business in several countries without investing in a complex and costly global management system.
Gain speed over competition
ERP solutions for multinational companies generally require heavy customization to adapt to business in foreign countries. And by the time they become operational, business conditions may already have changed! This is not the case with Sage ERP X3, because the system is designed to meet the needs of fast-changing midsize organizations, from the ground up.

For example, Sage ERP X3 provides country delivery sets including standard presettings to speed up the implementation process in a new foreign site. Moreover, as a simple Internet browser is sufficient for an authorized user to run the application, Sage ERP X3 allows your company to quickly provide a new office or plant with a fully operational management system without investing in costly IT infrastructure in the first place. The scalability of the application allows you to organize a progressive international deployment, fitting your regional and/or functional priorities.