Business Intelligent

By admin, June 13, 2011 3:54 am

Business Intelligence
Sage ERP X3 provides powerful business intelligence tools that offer self-service access to both data and intuitive information analysis, helping users turn business insights into effective decisions. 
  User Portal and Dashboards
  Sage ERP X3 offers a user-defined decision support portal and dashboards providing users with actionable, up-to-the-minute graphical representations of key statistical information such as revenues and equipment usage. 
  Advanced Business Intelligence Engine and Data Warehouse
  Powered by leading Business Objects® technology, Business Intelligence is fully integrated within the Sage ERP X3 system. 
  Flexible Reporting Tools
  With the Crystal Reports® statement generator, Sage ERP X3 provides a library of nearly 400 reports: General ledger, balances and daily account activity, invoices, delivery orders, packing lists, shop packet, labels, inventory statements, analyses, and lists can be used directly. 
  User-defined triggering events
  User-defined triggering events for updating statistics in batch or real time
user-defined statistical codes and grouping: Multidimensional analysis, accumulates amounts and quantities, user-defined periods (day, week, month), progressive zooming to event source 
  Advanced Business Intelligence 
  Integrated business intelligence engine Business Objects Web Intelligence. Integrated Data warehouse and ETL process Supports multiple import/export formats such as structured, text-based, or even Excel spreadsheets, CSV, and .txt files. 
  Full integration of Crystal Reports (transfers report criteria and parameters directly from screens to the reports)