By admin, June 13, 2011 3:52 am

Sage ERP X3 Workflow

In addition to manufacturing, distribution and accounting functions, Sage ERP X3 offers a set of core enterprise-wide features that help you transform your business into a real-time, on demand organization, responsive to the needs of your customers.  
Control processes with the workflow engine
Some information must be processed rapidly and under controlled conditions. This is why Sage ERP X3 gives you the ability to manage some of your company’s procedures electronically and simplify all your traditional paper-based and task-intensive processes. Its workflow system makes it possible to launch information–either inside or outside the organization–follow-up actions, and warning and validation cycles on the basis of any event in the system, and according to their own rules and procedures for handling key and exceptional events.
For example, when a new purchase order is entered into the system, you can ask Sage ERP X3 to inform a particular buyer immediately according to the type of order, and also automatically warn a manager if it exceeds a certain amount and prohibit the process from continuing without validation, if appropriate. Thanks to the workflow engine, the electronic signature process and data traceability are flexible. Therefore, you simplify and secure control over your activities.
The workflow engine also enables users to:
  Trigger an event (initiate processing, send e-mail, and others) based on user actions such as printing, creating new records, editing, deleting data, or based on the result of a database inquiry,
  Trigger the dispatch of e-mails (including attachments), allowing recipients to take action by simply clicking on the embedded option buttons and/or by returning in one click to the ERP entry that triggered the message,
  View work schedules based on customized processes or workflow circuits, and
  Trigger workflow circuits based on batch processes such as data imports or exports.