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Sage ERP X3 Manufacturing

Sage ERP X3 offers a choice of production management methods—by job, order, or inventory. Technical data can be defined by price lists, cost centers, and stations as well as a production process sheet management function. Sage ERP X3 also provides for monitoring of stock quantities, a management control function with calculation of forecast and actual costs, a finite capacity production scheduling function, a planning function incorporating a production coordination program, calculation of net requirements, and an overall production management function. Various performance indicators are available, ensuring optimum industrial production quality and traceability. ERP X3 manufacturing more…
ERP X3 Manufacturing Features Include:
  Process Manufacturing
  Discrete manufacturing
  Parts lists/composition/formula management 
  Work schedule management 
  Technical data configuration
  Link to weighing scales 
  Cost calculation 
  Quality assurance
  Capacity planning 
  More ERP X3 manufacturing features and functions